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In today’s world, tax laws are becoming more and more complex. These complexities make filing even a relatively simple tax return a cumbersome job. Even if you use a software program, it is still easy to overlook deductions and credits you are entitled to claim. Don’t miss out…there’s just no substitute for the advice and assistance of a tax professional.
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Our full-service packages are meticulously tailored to accommodate your specific tax preparation requirements. Whether it's managing rental properties, handling side-hustles, or strategizing for optimal tax planning, we ensure a comprehensive approach to meet your needs effectively.

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The majority of tax payers find themselves accountable for taxation on their business income via their personal tax filings. This underscores the importance of our holistic approach, ensuring that our tax planning strategies align seamlessly with your unique circumstances. The franchise tax services providers may have left you feeling exasperated, it's indicative of a mismatch with a CPA lacking a comprehensive grasp of your complete tax landscape.
We have been using The Wozny Tax Company since it first started and have no intentions of changing. Calls are answered promptly, Copies of archived documents are provided immediately and the prices are competitive and well worth the service. We use Wozny for personal/individual; corporate; limited liability company tax preparation and filing and for payroll services. If I could praise them more I would!
Sean Kelley

Tax Planning 

We are always looking for ways to save your tax dollars. The best way to do that is by year round planning. Thorough tax planning we can assist you in…

Reducing Taxes 

On your retirement income so you can retire in the at the financial level you always dreamed.

Defer your income

Pay fewer taxes later in life when your cash flow changes.

Succession Planning

Customize your settings to fit your workflow

Grow your investments

Protect your investments from unnecessary taxes to help your money grow.

Trust and Estate Planning

Help to clarify your financial objectives and devising strategic plans to achieve them.
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