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We provide an extensive offering of accounting and tax services tailored to businesses across all industries. Our bespoke business solutions are customized to fit the needs of your business. Tap on any service for more info

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Income Tax PreparationMaximize Refunds - Minimize Stress - CPA Preparation

The federal tax code is 74,000 pages and growing! But don't worry, our tax pros are here to guide you through. We'll team up to craft cutting-edge strategies and deliver an effective plan that fits just right with your individual needs, all while keeping in step with the complex web of tax regulations.

State & Local TaxesSave Time, Pay Right

Maximize Your Savings with Expert State and Local Tax Preparation Services! Our team of seasoned CPAs brings unparalleled expertise to navigate the complex landscape of S.A.L.T. ensuring you benefit from every deduction and credit available. With our precision, personalized strategies, we’re here to turn tax season into a streamlined, beneficial process for you. 

IRS Audit letter representation mokena tax accountant
Irs RepresentationExpert IRS Tax Letter Resolution Services

Struggling with tax issues?  We offer solutions like filing back taxes, stopping wage garnishment, and releasing liens. We negotiate with the IRS to manage your tax debt, aiming to reduce your taxes and penalties. Our expertise ensures a fair settlement and a fresh start for you. Let us resolve your IRS challenges efficiently.

Tax Deductions Mokena Accountant Tax Preparation
Deduction WorksheetsIndustry Specific lists of Deductions

Unlock Your Financial Potential: Master Tax Deductions with Our Comprehensive Worksheets! Simplify the complex world of tax deductions and ensure you're seizing every opportunity to save. Our meticulously designed tax deduction worksheets guide you step by step, helping to uncover hidden savings and optimize your financial health. Empower yourself with the tools for smarter, more effective tax planning and transform your approach to managing deductions today.

Limited Liability Company Creation Setup by an accountant
Incorporation & LLC FormationNew Business Formation Services

Elevate your business with our LLC formation services, expertly handled by a Certified Public Accountant. We navigate the legal maze to choose the proper business entity structure quickly and accurately, ensuring compliance and protection. Benefit from personalized guidance and strategic planning to position your business for success. Trust us to lay the foundation for your business journey with confidence and expertise.

Tax Planning Services in Mokena
Tax PlanningStrategize Now, Save Big: Master Your Tax Plan

Maximize your financial potential with our tax planning services, led by a Certified Public Accountant. We provide strategic insights to optimize your tax position, reduce liabilities, and enhance profitability. Our proactive approach ensures compliance and capitalizes on opportunities for savings. Trust our expertise to navigate complex tax regulations, delivering tailored solutions that drive your financial success. Elevate your tax strategy with us.

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I can’t say enough great things about Teddy Wozny and his fantastic tax company. I’d be lost without this group! They are my team and my success matters to them! Your success matters to them too so if you’re looking for tax help call Teddy!!
-Tina Wyatt

Happy client Illinois highest rated accountant 400 x 276

I own a small business and this is the first year I have no previous w-2's. My hopes and dreams of my business were starting to crumble as I started to do my own taxes and thought I'd eventually have to close my doors this year. Teddy more than helped me squash those desperate thoughts. I not only do not have to close my doors, but he gave some phenomenal advice that will help me scale my business to 3 times its normal operating standards all by the end of this year. And now my dreams are alive again!
-Dan Czerwinski, Diamond Tints


As a newer entrepreneur, I can honestly say I would be lost without the help of Teddy and his team at the Wozny Tax Co.! They answered all of my questions and educated me on all the things I felt confused or overwhelmed by. If you run your own business or just simply want a good professional helping with your tax needs, the Wozny Tax co. Is the way to go hands down!
-Kelly Dugan, REALTOR®

Our Founder
Accountant Tax Services Mokena Illinois

Good business started before big box stores, and it will continue as long as professionals are willing to give their clients the attention they would expect of themselves.

Teddy WoznyOwner / Founder, C.P.A

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